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MOTM #024: Gender, Footwear, and the Pursuit of Happiness with NiK Kacy

Monday, June 25th, 2018

An episode to upstage all episodes. NiK Kacy came and sat with me on my couch, and yes we talked about shoes and how they created their own brand, but honestly we talked about so much more. Tune in to hear not only their story, but my story…the parts that often get left out simply because I overlook them, and, well, because people don’t ask. This is an episode that is extremely special to me, and one that I truly believe embodies the spirt of this podcast. Happiness is for everyone. Movement unites us all. Happy pride.


In this episode:

4:23 Nik explains their preferred pronouns
7:18 The reason why we have queer fashion
16:40 How NiK created their own last
17:43 Things should ne be genderized
19:37 These are not men’s shoes for women
23:28 NiK had a fear of feet
26:06 Inclusivity – these shoes are for EVERYONE
27:26 Wear it because you believe in the mission
29:53 NiK’s advice about authenticity
37:55 The importance of asking
44:00 NiK’s new collection

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