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MOTM #050: Stop Blaming Biology with Dr. Ellie Somers

Monday, September 24th, 2018

It's time for a change, people. Join me for a very special episode of Maestro on the Mic where Dr. Ellie Somers speaks her passion, tells it like it is, and says all the things that today's medical industry needs to hear. Far too many providers continue to present their female patients with a bleak prognosis that is dictated by factors they cannot change, and quite frankly that they don't need to change. Being resilient, robust, or anti-fragile are not qualities reserved solely for those with male anatomy, and estrogen is absolutely not a sports performance death sentence. Patients need to be empowered, clinicians need to step it up, and physical therapists need to realize that not even the sky is the limit. This episode. Let's go.

In this episode:

2:51 Meet Dr. Ellie Somers
4:57 How Ellie paid off of student loans
7:21 Why Ellie got into physical therapy
8:48 Ellie’s ACL recovery and experience as a patient
18:19 Ellie’s disenchantment with physical therapy
22:27 How Ellie go out of the PT funk
23:52 Women in PT Summit
27:15 The SCS
37:09 Starting her own practice
42:12 Ellie’s treatment model
45:39 Ellie’s running coaching
52:38 Ellie’s frustration with PT and the things that women have been told


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