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MOTM #052: Change Your Strength and Change Your Life – Part I with Bud Jeffries

Monday, October 1st, 2018

Physical therapists and my other clinical providers, this episode may leave you feeling some kind of way…and that’s a good thing. Approach it with an open mind. Listen. Think. We are ALL fighting the same fight. And quite honestly, what he’s saying…I dig it. The healthcare model is broken. As clinicians we have the skill-sets to change things, and yet we spend so much time bickering, asking for studies, trying to prove each other wrong, debating semantics, and dissecting theory. We as providers talk about empowering our patients, we talk about wanting them to realize how robust and resilient they are, and yet for many, it seems to stop there. Bud is saying the same things, and then working to physically create it, both in himself and the people he works with. While his methods may be somewhat unorthodox for the clinical world, the concepts are sound, and allowing the proverbial clinical pendulum to swing a bit more his way would likely prove beneficial to all parties involved. A broken model will not fix itself. It’s time for a change. It’s time to get strong and take action.

In this episode:

2:15 Meet Bud Jefferies
8:09 Bud’s view on human capacity
10:24 Non-specialization
11:46 Being really good at lots of different things
18:58 Bud’s thoughts on and approach to rehabilitation
23:44 Bud’s youth and early life story
26:11 Everything in Bud’s yard weighs 25lbs
29:09 Taekwondo
31:36 Everybody isn’t supposed to do things the same way
34:37 The diversity of strength training
40:39 1-rep sets for training
47:06 Stop treating people as if they are going to forever be damaged
51:03 Mindset and squatting 1000lbs
59:33 Using physical movement to change your mindset

Contact Bud:

Instagram: @budjeffries

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