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MOTM #060: Becoming a Strength and Conditioning Coach with Matthew Ibrahim

Monday, October 29th, 2018

If at first you don’t succeed…learn. Matthew Ibrahim is dropping all the bombs in this episode and painting a very honest picture of what figuring out your career path looks like. A physical therapy school hopeful, Matt’s story didn’t go according to plan, but he has absolutely ended up exactly where he’s supposed to be as highly successful strength and conditioning coach and international lecturer. Listen to the whole episode to hear about what it takes to be a strength and conditioning coach, what it means to find growth through failure, and an important reminder that life is all about connection.

In this episode:

3:41 Meet Matthew Ibrahim
8:53 How he got where he is
22:45 Three pivotal failures
36:21 What is your lane as a strength and conditioning coach and where is the overlap
45:42 Matt’s approach to coaching and programming
56:27 Avoiding protocols
1:07:13 Rick Rigsby speech 

Contact Matthew:

Instagram: @MatthewIbrahim_

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