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MOTM #068: What is Stick Mobility? with Dennis Dunphy

Monday, November 26th, 2018

If you don't know what Stick Mobility is, you're about to find out. A concept so simple in nature you'll wonder how you didn't create it, those bright orange sticks are becoming a staple in gyms around the world and taking the movement world by storm. Join me for an episode recorded all the way in Dubai (about 2 hours post camel ride!) with Dennis Dunphy, personal trainer, business savant, and one of the three founders of Stick Mobility. Clinicians, make sure you open your ears and your mind for this one. Movement unites us all, and Stick Mobility is definitely not just for the gym. Empower you patients, learn about a better way to mobilize, and perhaps find yourself a new revenue stream in the process.

In this episode:

2:59 What is stick mobility
5:19 How stick mobility was invented
6:36 The properties of the stick
10:29 Business savvy
16:28 Dennis’ background and being a personal trainer
24:19 What a class looks like
28:09 The flex on the stick
34:03 Using the stick in the clinical setting
37:11 Partner work
39:43 Keeping things simple and improving your movement vocabulary
43:23 Dennis’ inspiration for his training programs
Stick Mobility YouTube Channel
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