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MOTM #070: What It’s like to be a Provider in New Zealand with Restore Prehabilitation & Recovery

Monday, December 3rd, 2018



An episode that I hope you listen to and get inspired to not only chase your dreams, but to start up a conversation with someone new, because you just might find that their problems aren’t so different from yours….even if they live halfway around the world.

Join me for episode 70 where I interview Liv Bates, one of the owners of Restore Prehab and Rehabilitation based in Christchurch, NZ. She and her business partner, the ever incredibly mustachioed Barry Adams, were awesome enough to host my inaugural Moving with the Maestro course, and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to record an episode.

Whether you’re a trainer, a physical therapist, a massage therapist, or just trying to find your bearings, it’s my hope that this episode will give you the inspiration to take the leap, and remind you yet again that movement unites us all.

In this episode:

2:30 Meet Liv Bates
4:18 Liv’s experience with FST
8:32 Liv and Barry’s continuing education journey over the past year
9:52 Their vision for clinical care
11:42 Upregulation of the nervous system with FST
12:09 Do you have to be big to do FST?
12:59 What does a typical session look like?
16:52 The New Zealand healthcare system
19:52 Health and movement literacy of NZ
21:44 Sharon Wheeler scar course

Fascial Stretch Therapy
Sharon Wheeler Scar Course

Contact info:
FB: Restore Prehabilitation and Recovery
IG: RestorePrehab_Recovery

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