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MOTM #072: Acupuncture, Sound & Color Light Therapy with Vanessa Cisneros

Monday, December 10th, 2018



Keep an open mind. The only way we grow is if we try new things. Recorded this episode after having an acupuncture, sound and color light therapy session with Vanessa, and knew that I had to bring her on. For the naysayers and skeptics out there: I appreciate you. But, listen more than you speak, and listen to truly understand, not just to respond.

This is a type of therapy that was pretty foreign to me, but with the current status of healthcare, I think it's time we start opening our minds to some ‘non-traditional' approaches. So, join me for an episode that discusses a unique therapy that just might be exactly what you need.

In this episode:

3:12 Meet Vanessa Cisneros
3:38 Discoviring sound and color light therapy
5:40 Pain
6:38 How sound and light helps with pain
8:30 Where’s the science?
10:18 What a typical session looks like?
15:14 Self-treatment
17:13 The BioWell Camera
17:58 Stay with me and keep an open mind
18:43 WiFi
21:28 Vanessa’s ideal patient
22:33 Addressing pain and auricular acupuncture
25:15 IKN episode
25:29 Going down the pain science rabbit hole

Contact Vanessa
FB: Sound and Color Acupuncture
IG: Vanessa1080
Twitter: VanessaSoundAndColor

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