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MOTM #091: Do You Actually Know What a Trigger Point is? Well…Do You?

Thursday, February 14th, 2019

Is your CI telling you to mash and bash on your patients? Or perhaps it's your patients who are asking you to mash and bash on them. What exactly are you saying to folks when they ask what that knot is? Can you explain it to a five year old? Words matter. Got just a wee bit fired up during this episode. You've been warned.

Doing your best to truly understand WHAT is going on at the level of the tissues can make a world of difference as it relates to your choice of intervention, the explanation that you provide to your patient, and thereby, the outcomes experienced by both you and your patient. It's absolutely ok if you're not sure what is going on, just make sure that you do your research, ask someone, and don't stop searching until you come up with an answer that truly makes sense.

Want a recipe for successful treatment? Learn the what, understand the why, and make sure you're able to explain the how. Tune in to the full episode for all this and more.

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