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MOTM #096: Roamaroo – Taking the Leap with Collette and Scott Stohler

Monday, March 4th, 2019

Come take a trip with me. So, you guys know I’m all about making connections and making information relevant and digestible. This episode I brought on Collette and Scott Stohler, professional story-tellers and content creators, who get paid to travel the world and tell about it. Now, honestly, Instagram would have you believe that it’s as easy and glamorous as it looks, but we all know that social media is a bit of a duck in the water…calm above and frantically paddling under water. Collette and Scott give you the real deal.

But, let’s call a spade a spade. Their start is probably a little bit different than yours, and what social media shows you may make their lifestyle seem completely unattainable. But you know me. I ain’t about smoke and fluff, and I brought them on for a reason. At its heart, their story is inspiring and their mission is sound. Their early days looked like a whole lot of guessing, trial and error, and following their passion to create the life they wanted…a life where their work went in to supporting their dreams, not building someone else’s. This is a story we can all get behind.

So come and join me for a virtual trip around the world. I call window seat.

In this episode you'll hear:

  • Story-telling and content creation
  • How Scott went from being a chemical engineer to doing this (and why he even wanted to be a chemical engineer in the first place)
  • What Collette did in a past life as a writer and producer for tv commercials and how it has helped
  • What inspired them to take the leap and travel the world
  • The details behind their around the world trip
  • What gave them the confidence to know that take seven months away would not hurt their careers
  • How they made money while traveling around the world
  • How they began making videos and pitching sponsors
  • Why a ‘no’ response is actually a good thing
  • Where the name Roamaroo came from
  • Which platforms they utilize
  • How they avoid burnout by holding quarterly business reviews (sounds crazy but it’s super legit)
  • Do they revisit countries
  • They’re recommendation for a first trip – you might not expect what they say!
  • Dealing with language barriers
  • How they stay healthy with so much travel
  • Their favorite gear
  • The importance of developing relationship
  • Their plans and goals for the future
  • The importance of connecting with your audience

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Social media links:
-IG: @roamaroo
-Youtube: Roamaroo

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