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MOTM #116: Running a Business as an Athletic Trainer and Surviving Social Media

Monday, May 13th, 2019

Running your own business has it’s ups and downs, and guess what, so does social media.

Brought on Andy Fortuna, an athletic trainer from Miami, Florida who is currently CRUSHING it in business and social media, but wasn’t always. We hear a lot about physical therapists and chiropractors starting their own practices, but what about athletic trainers? We also tend to see nothing but highlight reels on social media, with little to no discussion about the struggles that some folks with large followings face.

In this episode Andy talks openly about the good, the bad, and the ugly of business ownership and social media, with a hope that his story will both inspire you to take leaps and better prepare you for the journey ahead.

In this episode you'll hear:

  • Andy Fortuna’s back story and who exactly he is
  • Why Andy didn’t go into physical therapy, OT, or public health
  • Initial struggles as a massage therapist
  • How Andy is continuing his education
  • How Andy blends his massage therapy skill and his Athletic training skills
  • “Sometimes that little bit more is a little bit more time”
  • Andy’s business model as an ATC
  • Potential hurdles and legal issues with opening your own practice as an ATC
  • The value of making mistakes
  • The importance of creating relationships
  • The very unique continuing education course that Andy is developing that combines energy, manual work, and movement
  • Depression and the side of social media that no one talks about
  • What Andy learned from taking a step back from social media and the new approach he took when he returned to Instagram
  • Relationships as the true currency

Links & Resources for this Episode:

ATC resource: @theatcsolution
Andy's Instagram: @af_move

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