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MOTM #146: Leveling-up as a Massage Therapist with Qiana Thompson

Monday, September 30th, 2019

Last week I gave you my two pennies on whether or not massage therapists should go back to school and become physical therapists. This week I've brought on my girl, Qiana Thompson, LMT, to lay it all out for you and tell you just how dope it is to be a massage therapist.

Qiana has her own business (and she's CRUSHING it), mentors other massage therapists, partners with movement providers, and is on a mission to show other massage therapists what's possible if you're willing to put in the work.

If you're not a massage therapist, make sure you listen around the edges because there are still plenty of gems for you to walk away with. Running a business, marketing your services as a non-traditional provider, what it takes to actually make it as an entrepreneur; this and more coming at you in the full episode.

In this Episode You'll Hear:

  • Who is Qiana Thompson
  • How Qiana started her own business, Body Realm Center
  • How and why Qiana started her mentorship
  • Having a results-oriented practice
  • What the massage therapy profession needs
  • The need for entrepreneurial skills
  • The difference between service and servitude
  • What can LMTs do within their profession
  • How LMTs can develop relationships with other professionals
  • How can LMTs incorporate movement and other modalities into their practice
  • Partnering with someone who has different skills
  • What a session with Qiana looks like
  • How to market non-traditional massage therapy
  • The best CBD product that I’ve EVER used
  • For the consumer: What to look for in a massage therapist
  • Qiana’s services (spoiler: she wants to help YOU!) shand what she’s doing to elevate the profession

Links & Resources for this Episode:

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Visit Qiana’s website:
Connect with Qiana on Instagram: @BodyRealmCenter
Find Qiana on Facebook: Body Realm Center

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