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MOTM #150: Pilates for Neurological Conditions with Meghann Koppele Duffy

Monday, October 14th, 2019

Just because your client has a neurological condition does not not mean that they no longer require the same basic movement functionality as everyone else.

Join me for an eye-opening episode, way outside of my treatment wheelhouse, as I discuss this very concept with Meghann Koppele Duffy, and she gives us some insight to the approach she's been using for over 19 years with incredible results.

Do you actually know what Pilates is? Do you have any idea how it could be used to help people with neurological conditions? Is there more than we can be doing for folks with Parkinson's? All the answers and way more coming your way in the full episode.

In This Episode You'll Hear:

  • Who Meghann Koppele Duffy is and her incredible background
  • How Meghann got involved in the neuro world
  • How she found and connected with her business partner Mariska Breland
  • The value of providing hope
  • The demographic that Meghann works with and what her sessions look like
  • The importance treating patients with neurological conditions like humans
  • Meg’s approach of: Create, challenge, and apply
  • Meghann’s definition of pilates and how she incorporates it into her sessions
  • Locked vs stable spines
  • The reason they started The Neuro Studio and its online component
  • The multifidi story
  • How Meghann started her businesses
  • The importance of PUTTING IN THE WORK and finding your passion
  • Teamwork and asking for help
  • Collaboration not competition
  • A rundown of the courses that Meghann and the Neuro Studio offer
  • Recommendations for Pilates and neuro education besides her own material
  • A hashtag I’d love for you to use: #ModifyForGary

Links & Resources for This Episode:

Visit the website and check out their online courses***:
Check out Meghann and The Neuro Studio on Instagram: @theneurostudio
Check out the Kane school – Kelly Kane
Trent McEntire:
Email Meg:
Check out Meg and the Neuro Studio on Facebook: The Neuro Studio/Pliates for Neurological conditions
Connect with Meg on Instagram: @MegKoppeleduffy
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