Anything, Anyone, Anytime

Monday, January 27th, 2020

Kobe’s untimely passing is clearly hitting people quite hard, and while I don’t want to come off like a robot that is devoid of feelings, I can’t tell you guys to show up authentically and then not do the same myself. So, here we go:

Things are super fresh so it’s to be expected that people are still in the reflecting phase and still quite shocked that something like that could happen to someone like him.

Real talk, anything can happen to anyone at anytime.

I’m seeing post after post about how people are grateful for the ways that Kobe affected their life…in the past. The actions that he inspired them to take…in the past.

Like I said, I get it, it’s all fresh. This all just happened. It’s standard to reflect.

But I want to challenge you to use this tragedy to look forward. Use this to inspire you to take action…to do something…to find the movements that match the words that are being posted. Nothing changes unless you do. A post on Instagram means very little if it’s not paired with actions in ‘real’ life.

A quick disclaimer: I don’t think it’s possible, or wise for that matter, to live today like it’s our last day. Because, well, if it doesn’t end up being our last day and we’ve used all our resources then we’re shit outta luck. But, we also shouldn't live today as if we’ll live forever, waiting for the right moment and putting things off because “there’s always tomorrow.” Unless it’s laundry…put that shit off.

So what’s my point?

Please do not interpret this as me saying that taking action is the right or only way to grieve, and process, and move forward. Please, grieve however you need in whatever way feels best for you. There is no right or wrong way. But if I may be so bold as to pose a challenge, it is this:

If news of the helicopter crash affected you in any way, what action(s) are you taking TODAY because you truly understand that there is no guarantee on tomorrow, and realize that anything can happen to anyone at anytime?

Just a little food for thought.

Maestro out.

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