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MOTM #182: Letting Go of the Thinking Brain with Anna Hartman

Monday, February 3rd, 2020

This episode right here. Damn. I'm pumped beyond words for you to hear what this incredible woman has to share.

Recently I had the opportunity to chat with with general badass, Anna Hartman, and ask her ALL the things about her very non-traditional approach to treatment and her very non-traditional career path. Anna is formally trained as an athletic trainer, but now runs a digital mentorship that blends osteopathic medicine with traditional sports medicine training, gets flown around the country to treat professional athletes, and somehow finds time to teach at the graduate level.

Formerly the Director of Performance Physical Therapy at Exos, Anna pivoted away from the traditional orthopedic approach and begun focusing on the body’s ability to heal itself, ultimately creating her own hybrid model that yielded results that spoke for themselves.

You could say that Anna has found a way to take the ‘woo' and make it ‘wow'. Her treatments always center around truly listening to the patient's body, but one of my favorite parts of this episode is her emphasis on the importance of providers listening to their own body. After-all, “How can you begin to feel what’s wrong if you can’t even listen to your own body?!”

Join me for one of the most interesting and informative episodes to date. I mean, I love them all, but this one is hella good. So tune in for the whole thing and get ready to let go of that thinking brain.

In This Episode You'll Hear:

  • Anna’s Athletic Training backup plan
  • Cold-calling her way to the top
  • Anna’s drive to forge her own path
  • How Anna broke out into her own practice
  • State-by-state regulations and supervising physicians
  • Pivoting to an osteopathic approach
  • Revitalized mentorship program
  • Learning to listen to your own body
  • Differentiating between the thinking and the feeling brain

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