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MOTM #194: Teaching What’s Useful AND Usable with Wini Linguvic

Monday, March 16th, 2020

This is quite possibly my best episode to date.

Wini Linguvic is a fast-talking New Yorker with a West Coast yoga studio (but it’s actually a learning center—this is an important distinction). Wini is my sister-from-another-mister and every word out of her mouth is pure gold.

In Wini’s eyes, we are all teachers. Our purpose in life is to share as much as we can in a way that works best for each of us. It doesn’t matter what YOU know, it matters what THEY learn. 

Before you listen to this episode, I advise you to just be present, soak up what Wini has to say, and honor the power of the pause.

In This Episode You'll Hear:

  • Wini’s yoga studio/learning center
  • Implementing her NYC intensity into her yoga practice
  • The benefits of running things a different way
  • Teaching what works
  • The power in the pause
  • Teaching students as if they are teachers
  • What does it look like to learn at Wini’s studio
  • Utilizing her white-board and post-it notes to educate
  • Decreasing the discrepancy between active and passive range of motion
  • Note taking in Wini’s classes—What questions do you have?
  • Information isn’t useful unless you can integrate it
  • Learning as you go

Links & Resources For This Episode:

Connect with Wini on Instagram: @winilinguvic
Check out Wini’s website:

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