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MOTM #206: Publicity 101: Uncovering the Element of Inevitability

Monday, April 27th, 2020

Amanda Berlin is the embodiment of doing the damn thing. Amanda is a publicity specialist who used to work for huge corporations, and has now decided to use her skills to help the little guys… meaning, she helps small business owners like you and me harness the power of our own stories and get heard. 

To Amanda, we all have a responsibility to raise our voices. There’s someone out there in the world who needs to hear what we have to say, and Amanda wants to make sure your name is out there so they can hear it. When you embrace the “element of inevitability,” and own the asset that is your personal story, people have no choice but to listen. You owe it to those who need your specialty and your skills, and you owe it to yourself. Speak up. Let yourself be heard.

In This Episode You'll Hear:

  • Who is Amanda Berlin?
  • Learning how to market her skills
  • Helping people create a story
  • Own your before and after
  • Your personal story is your strongest asset
  • Becoming an influencer in your own space
  • Secure your foundation before reaching out to others
  • Are there positive opportunities that will come out of COVID-19?
  • Visibility tactics that work right now
  • What it means to pitch the media and how to do it successfully
  • Researching someone’s audience
  • It’s your responsibility to raise your voice

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