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MOTM #208: Making Mom a Priority with Deanna Schober

Monday, May 4th, 2020

Moms. Are. Superheroes. Plain and simple.

This podcast guest is a little bit different from what you guys might consider to be my norm. You all know I’m not a mom. (Don’t tell @rupert_the_meowstro). In fact, I can barely keep a plant alive… but plenty of you ARE moms, and this episode is dedicated to you.

Deanna is not only a mother of 4—Holy. Smokes.—but she is the founder of Elevate Moms Lifestyle Design, where she helps other moms develop a happier and healthier motherhood experience. Simple words for the truly profound work that she does.

After realizing and then working through her own self-worth and boundary issues, Deanna knew it was her calling to coach other mothers and help them with their body issues and motherhood struggles.

The fire behind Deanna’s message is undeniable, and she’s ready to scream it from the rooftops. Motherhood doesn’t need to be martyrdom, and focusing on your own priorities can help you focus on your kids in a happier, healthier way. It’s time that all you superheroes got the support that you deserve. Deanna can help.

In This Episode You'll Hear:

  • Deanna as a mother of 4 and a business owner
  • A healthier and happier life for moms, both mentally and physically
  • Working on personal development with people who are already so busy
  • The goals of Deanna’s clients
  • Setting boundaries and learning self-worth
  • Helping the moms in your life during Coronavirus
  • Having the courage to start a business
  • What it means to enjoy your kids more
  • How Deanna helps her clients
  • A drive to have her message heard

Links & Resources For This Episode:

Connect with Deanna on Instagram: @deannaschober
Check out Deanna’s Website:
The Strength in Mothers Mentorship

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