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MOTM #216: Control Your Thoughts to Create Your Success with Dr. Danny Matta

Monday, June 1st, 2020

***Real talk: Yes, I'm aware that the United States is on fire and black people are being killed in the streets. I promise that I will be tackling racial issues in next week's episode with special guest Dr. Jennifer Hutton. I record my episodes in advance and did not have enough time between the eruption of events and my Monday morning release date that is needed in order to schedule, record, edit, and launch an episode. I made the executive decision to launch Danny's episode not in spite of all that is going on, but in addition to all that is going on. This episode will be available as long as this podcast is still a thing, so, if now isn't a good time for this content, by all means, please take care of yourself and come back if and when you're ready. Sending love, strength, and the courage to do the right thing.***

The Great Pause is (hopefully) coming to an end soon, and if this experience has brought anything to us, it’s clarity on how we feel about our careers and how best to move forward with our lives. Maybe you’re now realizing that this freedom is what you really want, and you may be scheming on how to work for yourself without the constraints of a clinic.

That’s why this week I have on my bestie and three-peat guest, Dr. Danny Matta. Danny was born to be an entrepreneur. He now runs a cash-based PT practice, and has never let self-doubt or imposter syndrome get in the way of his own message. 

The only difference between the most successful people in the world and yourself is mindset. Your thoughts, emotions, and actions are all connected. In order to become the best marketer and salesperson possible—and to ensure you always have clients, be it in-clinic, or your own business—you have to control your thoughts, and believe that you can and you will accomplish everything you’ve ever set your mind to.

In This Episode You'll Hear:

  • Who Danny is and what he does
  • What is Athlete’s Potential?
  • Losing your clinic job
  • Getting clients in the door with your sales and marketing ability
  • The mindset needed for success
  • Thoughts, actions, and emotions of the cognitive triangle
  • Actions that create a better mindset
  • Becoming a better salesperson
  • Fighting imposter syndrome by appreciating the little miracles
  • Building PT Membership services
  • Believing in yourself and in your product

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