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MOTM #250: State of the Union: Pilates and Boutique Wellness Studios with Christina Gurka

Monday, October 26th, 2020

In today’s State of the Union episode, I wanted to check in on the status of pilates and other boutique fitness and wellness studios. As we know, COVID has taken a huge toll on small business all over the country, and boutique fitness is no exception. 

My guest today—the ever so lovely Christa Gurka— has not only readjusted her business model to thrive in these uncertain times, but has taken an active role in the advocacy for her pilates studio and others just like it. The times, they are-a changin’, and the only way to survive is to adapt. Adapt your messaging, adapt your branding, adapt your offerings. 

No matter the situation, the message always remains the same: Just do the thing. The longer you wait, the more people who need you are missing out. All the success you dream of is there for the taking, you just have to put your fears aside, and do the damn thing.

In This Episode You'll Hear:

  • Christa’s background
  • Merging wellness and physical therapy
  • Building an On-Demand platform
  • Adapting to new restrictions
  • Preparing your business for a post-COVID world
  • Market research to know your clientele’s wants
  • Selling as serving
  • A coalition for boutique fitness
  • Reflections from putting life on pause
  • Transitioning to business coaching
  • Just do the thing

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