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MOTM #289: S.T.R.O.N.G. Words with Adam Von Rothfelder

Monday, April 5th, 2021

The Strong Coffee Company isn’t just about good coffee, it’s about coffee that is good FOR you.

It’s unusual for me to have a brand on to the podcast (in fact, Strong Coffee is the very first) but the ethos of this company smacked me right in the face. I truly, truly believe in this product and what founder, Adam Von Rothfelder, is doing.

We all know the traditional definition of strength—lifting heavy shit, having the most muscles, harnessing energy, force, might, and power… but to Adam, it’s more than that. Strength is about potential, about reaching our natural greatness.

Strong Coffee is turning the coffee and supplement worlds upside down. If you like getting shit done—and I know you do—you’re gonna want to hear this one. Strong Coffee might be hard to believe, but damn is it easy to drink.

PS – We're doing a huge giveaway in this episode so make sure to listen to the whole thing!!!

In This Episode You'll Hear:

  • Not just good coffee, coffee that’s good for you
  • Striving to reach our natural greatness
  • Breakfast as an action
  • Simplicity and measurability
  • Bullshit marketing
  • Strong Coffee’s unique ingredients
  • Pushback and pre-conceived notions about Instant Coffee
  • Creating Black Coffee
  • The premier Instant Coffee Company
  • The ethos of Strong Coffee
  • Every scoop tastes and performs the same
  • How much caffeine does one person even need?
  • The Strong Coffee product line
  • A special giveaway just for MOTM listeners

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