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MOTM #327: Tips, Tactics, and Stories from the Best Minds in PT with Dr. Tim Reynolds & Dr. Bryan Guzski

Monday, October 4th, 2021

This week I had not just one, but TWO incredible guests on the podcast to talk about something I’m really, really excited for… Full disclosure: they are here to promote their brand new book, but I think you’re gonna love what they have to say.

Dr. Bryan Guzski and Dr. Tim Reynolds have written “Movers and Mentors”—a guidebook filled with the best thoughts and advice from over 75 leaders in the physical therapy and movement science fields. You’re gonna have this book pre-ordered by the end of this episode, I promise you.

This is the PT’s version of “Tools of Titans” by Tim Ferris (which, if you’re not familiar with already, you absolutely should be). It is a MUST READ for young professionals, students, and any PT who values the wisdom of expert clinicians, veteran business owners, researches, and innovators in our field.  

And hey—you might hear some advice from someone you know and love, if you catch my drift.

In This Episode You'll Hear:

  • Tim and Bryan’s backgrounds
  • The birth of the idea for Movers and Mentors
  • Creating a list of guests and questions
  • Who can we expect to see?
  • Trial by fire
  • What Tim and Bryan have been up to during and after the pandemic
  • The future of the PT profession
  • Find more joy in the micro-moments

Links & Resources For This Episode:

Get Yourself a copy of Movers and Mentors HERE
More book updates on Instagram: @moversandmentors

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