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MOTM #356: The Taboo of Testosterone with Ali Gilbert

Monday, February 21st, 2022

Let’s cut right to the chase, my guest this week is here to normalize boner talk. Did you EVER think you’d hear me say that word, let alone spend oven an hour talking about… uh… “it”? Yeah, me neither.

But that’s what Ali Gilbert does. She makes you feel so damn comfortable talking about anything, because that’s just who she is. 100% real, unapologetically Ali. That shit is rare.

“Hold up. Boners?!” I hear you. Yes boners, and so much more. In a time where our hormones seem to be under attack, its more important than ever to take health into our own hands, and that means talking about something that may seem a little taboo. Ali helps men perform not just “normally,” (whatever that means) but optimally—and it all has to do with one simple ingredient: Testosterone. 

In This Episode You'll Hear:

  • How Ali able shows up authentically in a world where that’s rare
  • Being a female in a male-focused industry
  • Our hormones are under attack
  • Optimizing function
  • The range of “normal” labs
  • Going out of network, and taking your health into your own hands
  • People will try to drag you down
  • What is Testosterone School?
  • Why men need estrogen, too
  • How depression may indicate low T
  • Can T help women like it helps men?
  • Why is TRT so taboo?

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