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MOTM #368: What It’s Like in the Trenches of Online Business with Dr. Sarah Doan

Monday, April 18th, 2022

Dr. Sarah Doan is a member of my Mafia, and at a recent Mafia dinner she brought up an excellent point—I have a lot of guests on the podcast who are already seeing wins in their online businesses… but what about people in the beginning stages? What about people still in the trenches, working hard af every day before their success?

So whether or not she realized it, Sarah volunteered herself to come here and share exactly that. Sarah’s online business is brand new. She is in the trenches, fighting every day. If you’re starting out, let this shine some real life perspective on what this life might look like for you. 

Just keep going, keep showing up, and keep talking about your shit. Even when it feels cringe. Even when it feels like no one is listening. Even when you want to give up.

This shit is hard. But we got your back.

In This Episode You'll Hear:

  • Sarah’s PT school experience
  • Falling out of love with PT
  • Sarah’s strength-training message
  • Attracting an audience who cares
  • Guilt by association
  • What it’s like in the trenches (spoiler: it’s hard af)
  • Keep talking about your shit
  • The realities of making money
  • A perfect first client
  • Hold on, and keep going—for the lurkers
  • What Sarah is offering
  • Niching down… in the future
  • Sarah’s ideal client, and why it’s changing

Links & Resources For This Episode:

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