Sunday, June 25th, 2017

“Kinesthetic guidance can be translated into behavior 30 times faster than visual guidance and many THOUSANDS of times faster than audio guidance.”

I call this one “The Placebo Effect” ?. A little pre and post @rocktape spiral line application on my girl @lizziekmichael (peep that ? @livesore tank). Is her squat now perfect? No. (Yes, I realize her arms are in different positions ?) Does she still have a lateral shift? Yes. Is the overall pattern way better? Absolutely. And I I did was apply tape. No other cues given, verbal or otherwise. Is this the entire treatment? No way. Can tape augment your treatment? You bet your ?.

At RockTape we tape movement, not muscles, and we give you concepts, not protocols. Our courses are about SOOOO much more than taping and scraping. Come check one out and learn about fascia, tactile acuity, sensory input for motor output, regional interdependence, and a ton of other totally dope things.

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