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DM #529

Friday, November 3rd, 2017

DM #529: Dropped this as part of last night’s DM caption and folks seemed to really enjoy it so o figured I’d give it it’s own moment in the spotlight ??‍♂️.

You want to keep your mobility gains? You gotta be active and show the nervous system that you deserve it. Plain and simple. Passive interventions will never yield active results. As such, if you want to do more than just trick the nervous system for a few minutes, you must impart stability after working on mobility. ? What am I saying? You gotta actively contract tissues, actively move your body, truly convince the nervous system that you’re safe in this new range and that it should remember it.

Passive mobility work is like just going to look at an apartment. Until you sign and give your money, they ain’t letting you stay there. What’s the payment? Stability work. Pay. The. Man. There’s a reason that FRC, kinstretch, and yoga work so well…they’re active. You don’t increase your range by hanging out, you increase your range by working out.

So, take home: Be active. Rent is due every damn day.

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