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DM #540

Tuesday, November 14th, 2017

DM #540: Words matter.

Earlier today I posted an instastory of me using the @theragun on my leg, with the accompanying question of the day asking if anyone thought I was “releasing” anything. Spoiler alert, the answer is no, but let’s talk about this for a second.

I am by no means saying that the Theragun didn’t feel good, or that it had no therapeutic benefit. Because I think it absolutely does. However, let’s always ask how something is working. Not in an attempt to be a troll and “prove” whether it works or not, but so that we can understand how to best utilize it.

While the science continues to evolve, in all likelihood what is occurring when you use something like a Theragun (or your hands, a foam roller, lacrosse ball, barbell, kettlebell, IASTM tool) is that you’re tapping into mechanoreceptors in the tissue, and reflexively changing the tone. Neuro, baby. The pressure and the speed that you use will preferentially tap into certain receptors that can either up-regulate or down-regulate that area. “Releasing” tissues? No. Relaxing them? Yes.

Additionally, the perpendicular vibration of something like the theragun is theorized to improve hyaluronic acid concentrations in the area, which subsequently improves fascial glide. So, again we see the mechanical effect being more attributable to changes in fascial glide (and likely decompression) as opposed to “breaking apart adhesions”.

So, take-home: The theragun is cool, feels nice, and can absolutely make you feel better. But it’s not “releasing” anything; nor is your hand…or that stainless steel tool. Educate yourself and your patients and watch your treatments become less aggressive..and more effective.

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