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DM #553

Monday, November 27th, 2017

DM #553: Focus.

Love this statement for so many reasons. Apply it to any and all aspects of life. But, for tonight, let’s talk about movement.

Your knee hurts, your back hurts, you want to get stronger, you want to lean out, you want more endurance, you want your first muscle up, your shoulder kinda hurts sometimes, you want to run faster, and sometimes your ankle swells up. Pick. One.

I see it all the time. People chasing a million goals or a million ailments and in the process not achieving or fixing anything. I get it. We live in a time of instant gratification when it comes to so many things, but, unfortunately when it comes to your body, it typically doesn’t work that way. Change takes time. Growth takes time. Healing takes time. Try to do all the things at once and inevitably you end up getting nothing done.

When it comes to the body and multiple issues and/or areas of pain and dysfunction your best bet, as I always say, is to get assessed. Figure out the root. See if it’s all connected and then go from there. If it’s not connected, then start with ONE thing, typically the most dysfunctional/painful/limiting thing, fix that, and then move on to the next thing.

So, tonight’s take-home: Focus. Pick one. Attack. Move on to the next. Don’t go home hungry.

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