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DM #578

Friday, December 22nd, 2017

DM #578: Tuned in to @dremilydpm’s webinar earlier tonight and this was an overarching theme that was just too good not to share.

We all know my penchant for the nervous system, so this post should come as no surprise. Dr. Splichal did a great job of setting the stage by dropping a nice little knowledge bomb that there are 10x as many sensory nerves as motor nerves in the body. That in and of itself should speak to the significance of the sensory system.

Keeping this one short because it’s late, but the message should be clear. While we absolutely have feed-forward mechanisms that allow for movement, our nervous system is CONSTANTLY scanning the information being presented to it from the outside world and reacting accordingly;iIs the stimulus hot, cold, sharp, dull, dangerous, safe, vibrating, sustained?! It all matters. The scalpel separates but the living being is a unified whole, with all parts of the nervous system acting together to give us movement and allow us to experience life. Without the input there is no output. Life. Is. Sensory.

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