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DM #583

Wednesday, December 27th, 2017

DM #583: A nice little nugget dropped by my friend and IG homie, @fit_dr, the other day while talking about some pain she experienced while out for a run.

With pain science being all the rage these days I don’t think I’ve got to go into all that much detail in the caption, but, her words struck me and I felt they definitely warranted their own DM. As @stopchasingpain says, ‘pain is a request for change.’ It’s not our body’s way of demonstrating weakness, nor is it something that we should seek to push through and ignore. It’s there for a reason. Take a moment and try to figure out what that reason is.

The other day while doing an IG live with @docjenfit we received a question about the best way to run with knee pain. My answer? Don’t run. Now, I know that’s not the answer that anyone wants to hear, but the reality is, that pain is there for a reason. Figure it out, address it, get better, get back to running.

Pain doesn’t make you weak. Pain is NOT there because you are weak. Pain is your nervous system’s way of saying that it doesn’t feel safe. There may be an actual threat or it might just be a perceived threat, either way, it’s NOT you against your body; it’s not about you trying to drive out the weakness. I am by no means trying to say that treating pain is some simple process, or trying to downplay any experiences that you out there may be having. Far from it. Pain is real. Pain is complex. Pain must be respected. Pain is NOT weakness.

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