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DM #597

Wednesday, January 10th, 2018

DM #597: Say what?!?! ?

Was having a convo with my girl @kisd23 today at @crossfitsouthbay and this little gem rolled off my tongue. What the heck am I saying? Well, simply that that straight back that those…dancers use is more than just visually appealing…it’s a pretty dang good position to be in to help protect your back.

Now before the IG police go getting all crazy ?, I’m by no means saying that we should never round our backs or never ever be loading with a rounded spine ??‍♂️. That’s a totally different discussion. Nor am I promoting an overly-extended low back a’la the more advanced…dancing techniques. ??‍♂️ Simply saying that when it comes to producing force, moving load, and performing, that neutral spine spine positioning is a bit more ideal.

So, go and train in all the positions. Expose yourself to all different stimuli. Just remember the next time that you’re deadlifting, doing a good morning, or throwing down at the club…nobody likes a stripper with a bad back.

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