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DM #604

Wednesday, January 17th, 2018

DM #604: I would venture to say that there are very few things in life, when taken in pure isolation, that are truly bad; especially when it comes to movement.

Pronation, internal rotation, valgus moments, a rounded upper back, an anterior pelvic tilt…none of these things are the devil. It’s when you give them context, a time or a situation when they are occurring, that things can start to get hairy…or not ??‍♂️.

Another perfect example: social media. It’s extremely difficult to give context to every statement made. As such, things are often left open to interpretation, and oh what fun that can be.

My girl @yogatuneup left this little gem on my page and her delivery was so spot on that I knew I had to make it tonight’s DM. Before you speak, figure out the context. Before you judge, figure out the context. Before you deem something as “bad”, figure out the context. And if you can’t figure out the context, ask. The king demands it.

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