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DM #630

Monday, February 12th, 2018

DM #630: New take on an old quote. Absolutely love it.

It’s all connected. What? Our bodies. Yes, we could look at it as metaphorically speaking about the universe and our actions, but let’s keep it at a more tangible level for now, shall we’ll ?.

I realize that some folks may not be so down with the concept of fascial chains, and that’s cool. Not trying to force anything on anyone. But this idea is the body and a single unit…perhaps we can all agree on that.

Dissection if individual muscles is cool, but our nervous system doesn’t give a damn about our cadaveric arts and crafts projects. Individual muscles don’t exist to our brain. As such, it really is ok if we start assessing and addressing movement instead of muscles. I mean, our nervous system is a whole lot smarter than us…might as well follow along ??‍♂️.

So, take-home: it’s all connected. It’s never just your piriformis that’s the problem, you’re never just taping someone’s anterior tibialis, you ain’t releasing/strengthening one single muscle. Is this going to radically change how you treat? Possibly not. That’s honestly not my goal. Just trying to open your eyes and get you thinking about HOW things are working, and just WHAT you’re doing when you work with a human.

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