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DM #659

Tuesday, March 13th, 2018

DM #659: I’m happy when something works, I’m even happier when I know HOW it worked.

So, I probably should have made tonight’s DM about the pelvic floor given how well today’s pelvic floor video did, but, I was thinking about last night’s DM and wanted to circle back to that. In DM #658 I discussed my impending journey down the rabbit hole that is the ketogenic diet. LOTS of dope comments and feedback. I appreciate you all. One disconnect that I did however see, came from the comments of folks basically saying that keto is just another fad and dismissing it as such.

Now, if you read the caption from last night’s DM, you’ll notice that I used to feel the same way, mainly because I saw keto touted as a ‘diet’ aimed primarily at losing weight. My interest has shifted however, into learning just HOW it can affect the system, and HOW it can produce benefits in huge players like the nervous system, lymphatic system, and cardiovascular system. My interest is not in whether it ‘worked’ and folks lost weight, or even if it ‘worked’ and folks felt better; my interest is in HOW it worked.

Yeah, cleaning up your diet and taking inflammatory foods out will likely make you feel better, not matter which direction you go. But how many folks who dismiss a ketogenic diet actually know what ketosis is? How many folks know what a ketone body is? Or how about the role of insulin and glucose in all of this? Or even what insulin and glucose actually are?!?

So, my point tonight? Something works for everyone. Whether we’re talking about diet, exercise, medication, whatever. Everyone is different. The magic is in doing your best to learn and understand the how, so that you can best utilize that tool.

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