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DM #668

Thursday, March 22nd, 2018

DM #668: For all my folks out there who lift weights, think about how difficult it is to increase your 1 rep max by 5 lbs. For all my runners out there, think about how difficult it is to shave 15 seconds off of your mile time. For all my ball-sport athletes out there, think about how much training it would take to increase your ball speed by 3 mph…🤔…

What’s my point? GAINS TAKE TIME!!! As it relates to physical therapy, one of the problems (don’t even get me started) with the traditional model is this idea that patient should be seen multiple times a week. In doing so, we are then lead to believe that that person should be making tremendous gains within a week. That simply isn’t reality.

I see my patients once ever 2-3 weeks. Why? Because CHANGE TAKES TIME!!! Is there a time and place for seeing folks more frequently? Sure. Is a large part of what we’re doing in seeing them more often simply acting as form of accountability? Absolutely.

Again, not at all bashing you if you see patients more frequently than I do. Simply putting out there that we all need to be more aware of just how realistic the changes are that we are expecting. Too many times, boredom guides our exercises prescription and selection. Yes, that drill may seem very remedial to you, but for the person who hasn’t lifted their arm that high in 2 years, it could be a 200% increase in difficulty.

Take-home: Change takes time. Growth takes time. ABSOLUTELY be continuously looking to push your patients…just make sure you keep it real.

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