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MOTM #004: Dr. Jpop, The Pediatric Physical Therapy Prodigy

Tuesday, April 17th, 2018

Pediatric physical therapy prodigy…yes…but there's SO much more. Join me this week for a new show format, and my FIRST (of many) live interview. Dr. Jpop kicked it with me on my balcony in beautiful SoCal, and we rapped about ALL the things. Pediatric physical therapy, the importance of connecting with other humans, shared experiences, using podcasts for motivation, that RockTape life, and being a minority in the profession. So many things, so much fun, so honored to have her on as my first guess. Tune in, give it a listen, give it a rating, give that subscribe button a click, and watch out for the next episode! Show notes below have all the goodies.

4:00 Why Peds?
7:30 Taking the leap
8:40 Chaning your mindset without changing your setting
10:00 Podcasts and motivation
11:21 – Dr. Jpop’s recommended podcasts:
Finding Mastery
Hidden Brain – NPR
Two Dope Queens – comedy
How I Built This – entrepreneurs who want to hear stories
12:41 The value of hearing other people’s stories
16:20 Motivation or discipline?
19:20 Creating actionable steps towards change
24:07 What motivates Dr. Jpop?
26:25 Social Media
29:44 RockTape
35:32 Being a minority in the profession

Find/contact Dr. JPop:
instagram: @dr.jpop

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