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MOTM #006: Tristan Faile: The Pelvic Floor and So Much More

Monday, April 23rd, 2018

New episode, new style. Episode 6 introduces PodCalls, aka the long-distance podcast interview. Tristan Faile reached out to me with some questions about pelvic floor physical therapy and I decided to record the convo and share it with you guys instead of relegating it to the bowels of social media DMs. Give it a listen, give it a rating, give that subscribe button a click, and watch out for the next episode! Show notes have all the goodies.

Time stamps:
4:45 OCS Residency
13:43 What got me into pelvic floor phyisal therapy
18:37 Herman & Wallace for pelvic floor PT courses
19:00 Tracy Sher – Pelvic Guru
20:30 Soft skills and pelvic floor PT
23:13 Treating male pelvic floor dysfunction
26:06 Julie Wiebe and “sharting” (@juliewiebept)
27:49 Isolated transverse abdominis contraction – helpful or not?
29:09 Julie Wiebe and piston breathing
31:50 Testing the pelvic floor in standing
34:35 Bar path and pregnancy
36:45 Brianna Battles – pregnancy, training, diastasis recti (@brianna.battles)
41:25 RockTape and pelvic floor dysfunction
43:24 Pelvic organ prolapse and pessaries
50:17 Not everyone gets 100% better

Contact Tristan:
-Instagram: @TristanF10


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