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Daily Maestroism #707:

Tuesday, May 1st, 2018

DM #707: Nothing good ever came from something forced🙌🏾.

Lifted this quote from a dope post that @artem dropped about helping out her unhappy ☹️ back and her overworked 😥 hip flexor while on vacation. So much truth.

Stop trying to 🔨 information into the system and try talking to it, coaxing it, and being kind to it. You don’t like when people yell at you or try to force you to do things 🙅🏽‍♂️; your nervous system isn’t any different.

We’re definitely seeing a change in how people are treating these days, and I love it. Continue to be that change. Be that clinician that shines the light for others and helps them understand that there is a better way than bruising your patients, using your entire body weight to try and bend someone’s knee, and ignoring the crazy faces and terrible sounds they’re making on the table while you “help” them 🤔.

Take-home: give @art and treat your nervous system the way you’d treat your grandma👵🏼👵🏾. Be kind.

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