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Daily Maestroism #708:

Tuesday, May 1st, 2018

DM #708: There is a reason I work on breathing with EVERY patient, and spend extra time discussing breathing at EVERY course that I teach 🤔.

It’s the foundation, folks. Who cares about painting the shutters when the foundation is 💩? When you phrase it that way, people seem to get it. But when we talk about our body, people stay obsessing over the little stuff, the flashy stuff, and often times the stuff that just isn’t going to make a difference when it comes to moving better and decreasing pain.

From a clinical perspective, incorporating breath work is something that should immediately pop into your head when you have a patient come in who says it hurts everywhere, it hurts to do everything, or nothing makes anything better. Start at the beginning. Breathe. Communicate with the nervous system. Calm the nervous system. Begin working on better pressurization of the system. Get that nervous system into a state where it’s ready to receive information.

By no means saying that breath work is the be all end all, but it sure is a damn good place to start.

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