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Daily Maestroism #717

Thursday, May 10th, 2018

DM #717: Wise words from a very good friend. Do yourself and give him a follow. You won’t regret it.

My dude @amucurio dropped this yesterday as part of a post about speed development 🏃🏾 💨 , and immediately it’s easy to see how it can apply to so much more. And honestly, it all relates back to safety.

When the nervous system feels safe, it’s will grant you so much more freedom. When you’ve got a little bit of 💰 saved up or a back-up job waiting in the wings, suddenly, the thought of leaving your job isn’t quite as scary. If we take a more literal approach and apply it to the body, when your nervous system knows the you can ‘slow’, it’ll be WAY more likely to let you ‘go’ (h/t to Dan John for that one 😉).

So, want to run faster, jump higher, and feel more comfortable taking some risks? Familiarize yourself with the other side. The nervous system that knows how to land will be far more willing to take the leap 🙌🏾.

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