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MOTM #012: Dr. Court Conley – Feet, Gait, and Slow-Motion Technology

Monday, May 14th, 2018

I love this woman, and you will too. Used ALL the technology for this episode, and the ever-incredible (but technologically impaired) Dr. Court Conley joined me for an Instagram live that we double-dipped and recorded in order to create this podcast episode. All. The. Technology.  For those of you who missed that IG live, here ya go. For those of you who never even knew about that IG live, follow me…and also, here ya go 😉 So hit that play button and join us for an hour of laughs, knowledge bombs about the feet, and a true glimpse into who exactly this awesome woman is. As always, time stamps in the show notes have all the goodies (live links and everything!). Rate it, review it, hit me up and let me know what you wanna hear. Thank you, thank you, thank you for choosing to spend your time with me. I promise to make it worth your while.

Time stamps:

1:33 Show begins
4:33 Courtney loves feet
5:30 Courtney used to wear orthotics
6:33 Time and a place for orthotics
7:28 The minimalist craze
9:07 Daniel Liberman
9:39 Born to Run
9:07 Wim Hof
11:38 The Art of Breath
12:33 Courtney and cold showers
17:43 Courtney’s business model
22:58 CHEERS
25:17 Greg Lehman
25:57 Lorimer Mosely, David Butler, Adriaan Louw
27:50 Treating acute vs chronic issues
31:43 Education via Online Consultations
33:33 Online consult origins
32:45 What is an online consulation with GaitHappens?
34:43 Courtney explains Slow-motion technology
41:33 Pelvic Floor resources:
Herman & Wallace
-Tracy Sher @pelvicguru1;
-Julie Wiebe @juliewiebept;
-Brianna Battles @brianna.battles
44:28 Running resources
-Sean Allan and Iva Warlap – @thegaitguys
46:01 Courtney’s new course: Top Down, Bottom Up
with Dr. Joseph LaVacca
49:18 Dr.Jpop (Dr. Jennifer Hutton)
51:33 Courtney talks about her best friends: posterior tib, peroneus longus/brevis, flexor hallucis

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