Daily Maestroism

Daily Maestroism #722

Tuesday, May 15th, 2018

DM #722: Listen twice as much as you speak.

Received an argumentative comment on a post from an IG user who blatantly stated that he hadn’t taken the time to read my “really long” caption, but somehow felt it appropriate provide a counter-statement to what he assumed the message of my post to be🤔. Honestly, I let a lot of stuff go, but not this time.

Yes, my captions are long, but keeping very much in line with that “listen twice as much as you speak” mantra, you bet your 🍑 that at a minimum, twice the amount of thought and background work has gone into creating that text. I don’t just just write stuff to write it. I don’t just throw stuff out there and hope it sticks. A whole bunch of time goes into each an every single one of these, and the least you can do is read the caption if you’re going to write comments that question the validity of what I’ve posted. Especially when what you’re writing…is actually what I’ve already stated…but you didn’t realize that…because you were too busy to read the caption but had more than enough time to jump to conclusions 🤷🏽‍♂️.

So, am I being sensitive? Sure. But like Erykah Badu says “Keep in mind I’m an artist, and I’m sensitive about my shit.” 😉

Take home: I’m a real person too and I care about what I put out. I take the time to read and respond to every comment, so, at the least, take the time to read the caption before write something. Even if it’s “really long.” ❤️

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