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Daily Maestroism #726

Monday, May 21st, 2018

DM #726: It’s the ol’ proximal stability allowing for distal mobility principle.

There’s a reason you can leg press a 💩-ton more than you can back squat 🤔…you’re not actually carrying the load 🤦🏽‍♂️. I been trying to grow my Bambi legs forever and I’m just now starting to see some progress. @cjsal, zip it 🤐. The difference? @MarcusFilly’s #AwakenTrainingSeries got me doing ALL the core work. Seriously…all of it.

Why does this make a difference? Well, now when I put that bar on my back (or shoulders, or really anywhere) my nervous system says 💪🏾 instead of 🙅🏽‍♂️. I can maintain better torso angles and actually allow my legs to do the work instead of turning into an accordion at my midsection, asking my back to take over, and basically using anything, including prayer, to try and move that weight; something that is especially problematic for those of us with a lot more leg than torso.

🤔 I think I did a halfway decent job of explaining this, but raise your hand if you want me to do a video showing you just what the heck I mean.

For the rest of you, take home message: Moar core equals moar bigger legs. The end. @hunterfitness, I’m coming for you 😂.


PS – just a little food for thought…how in the world can basic deadbugs, unweighted planks, and bird dogs provide you with the core strength to put 200 lbs on your back? 🤔 Don’t confuse corrective exercises and true strength training exercises.

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