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MOTM #017: Listen Up and Do as You’re Told

Thursday, May 31st, 2018

The recipe for success can be quite simple when you choose to actually follow the directions. Stop making things harder on yourself. Want to be rich? Do what rich people tell you they did to get rich. Want to be happy? Do what happy people tell you they did to be happy. I get it, it ain’t always that easy. BUT, if you ask someone who is successful how to do something, and they take the time to answer, do yourself a favor and DO WHAT THEY SAY. Experiential learning has a time and a place, and sometimes, someone else’s obstacle becomes your way.

Drop those comments down below and let me know what advice you asked for that you’re going to take and put into action today. Work smarter, not harder.


  1. Amy says:

    “It isn’t enough to be a peaceable person. You need to be a peacemaker.” This is from my friend Anita and has been a whopper of a challenge lately. Making peace where there isn’t any, someone needs to plant the seed. So I’m officially a farmer- a farmer of peace.

    1. Shanté Cofield says:

      HUGE words. I LOVE that quote. Wishing you fertile soil and abundant rain 😉

  2. Ryan says:

    “An imperfect action is better than a perfect inaction.”

    I have 50 ideas on a daily basis, but it isn’t often I inact these ideas. I can attribute this inaction to a few things. My inaction is mostly due to a fear of failure and a fear of the unknown. I’m a person who likes to control a journey from point A to point B. That isn’t reasonable, but it sometimes scares me from taking that first step. I’ve tried to push myself along by putting myself around quality people, who I admire in the steps they have taken in their personal and professional lives. I’m a physical therapist, who could be happier with his career, and I have made a decision to let others hold myself accountable for my inaction, to further my value to others so I can serve them, ultimately serving my career and my life.

    Thank you for the push and the encouragement to post.

    1. Shanté Cofield says:

      Hey Ryan! Been there too. I definitely used to be a person who wanted all my ducks in a row before doing anything. Never really bit me in the butt per-say, because it’s not the worst thing ever, but I definitely started to realize that there will never be a PERFECT time to do anything. Sometimes ya gotta take the leap. I’ve found a happy medium by always having some sort of backup plan in place, no matter how small, and then encouraging myself to go, even if I don’t feel ready. I commend you for recognizing the issue and wanting to make the change. The ‘wrong’ action is still better than no action. At the worst, you simply learn from the experience and then move forward that much wiser. Proud of you! Best of luck with the journey.

  3. Annette (AZ) says:

    Shante, my friend…I reached out via Instagram to let you know I’m loving these podcasts, but wanted to follow up here and let you know some more!!! Thank you for everything you do. And just know that I DO LISTEN when I ask your advice. 🙂

    1. Shanté Cofield says:

      Lady! I hope you know that I appreciate your support beyond words. Thank you for joining me on this incredible ride, and being there from pretty much the beginning. You’re a truly special human.

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