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MOTM #020: Dani Almeyda – The Women’s Movement Collaborative, Elbow Licking, and the Power of Asking

Monday, June 11th, 2018

Brought on THE Dani Nicole of Original Strength to fill you in on what is one of the coolest events that I’ve ever had the privilege be part of. The Women’s Movement Collaborative is an experience unlike any other, and I wanted to make sure as many people knew about it as possible. I’m speaking at the July 14-15 event in Seattle, along with the likes of Kirsty Grosart, and I’m pumped beyond words.

Ladies, I’m really lookin at you here. This event is for you. Dudes, you should listen up too…and then share it with your favorite female 😉. The future is female. The future is now. #P4250

Register here: The Women’s Movement Collaborative

In this episode:

1:20 Show starts
2:16 The Women’s Movement Collaborative
2:40 Meet Dani Almeyda
6:00 All about the Women’s Movement Collaborative
10:45 Kirsty Grosart and handstands
13:00 The WMC speaker lineup
15:51 RockStock
16:30 The WMC format
18:30 The WMC food menu – burrito bar!
20:17 Sign up and save money!!!
21:43 Pressing Reset
24:41 Original Strength and helping instability
29:53 How Dani got involved with OS and became part owner
31:07 Becoming Bulletproof
34:40 ASK! You have to ask.
37:07 The Art of Asking – Amanda Palmer
38:09 NPR The Hidden Brain Men 45 Women 0
45:30 Woman Crush Wednesday

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Instagram: @daninicolea
Women Crush Wednesday submissions:

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