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MOTM #025: Do you need to do a physical therapy residency? Part II with Dr. Dustin K. Willis

Thursday, June 28th, 2018

I’ve never done a PT residency, nor will I ever. Dr. Dustin K. Willis, however, has done a residency, and three fellowships, and is working on his PhD. Brought this super-chill sneaker fiend on to provide some sage words and sound advice from the other side of the coin. Have I changed my mind and started believing that you need to do a PT residency in order to be a great physical therapist? Absolutely not. Do I think you should listen to this episode if you’re wondering if one is right for you (or if you got your feelings hurt last week)? Absolutely. Dustin shares his story, provides some really well-balanced points, and has the smoothest Cali vibe you’ll ever hear on a podcast. I’m ALWAYS open to discussion and down for a good chat, and this episode is exactly that.

Contact Dustin:

IG: @dwillofthe9

In this episode:

1:23 Show starts
2:32 Meet Dr. Dustin Willis
6:20 We need to make residencies better
8:16 create your own residency
9:48 The LevelUp Initiative
-Dr. Zak Gabor: @SimpleStrengthPhysio
-Dr. Steph Allen: @stephallen.dpt
13:12 You can’t hack time
18:31 Why Dustin chose to do a residency

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