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MOTM #032: Coaching the Pregnant and Postpartum Athlete with Brianna Battles

Monday, July 23rd, 2018

A good coach does so much more than just address the physical. Societal expectations and self-imposed judgments are a very real thing, and if you want to truly help your client, you gotta make sure you're addressing those issues.

Join me this week for an episode with Brianna Battles that highlights the fact that pregnant and postpartum individuals deserve better, and that coaches are absolutely first-line providers. Common does NOT mean normal, and just because everyone is peeing their pants doesn't mean it doesn't mean that we shouldn’t be looking for a solution.

Resources galore, inspiration like whoa, and passion that you can’t deny. If you’re interested in treating or coaching a pregnant or postpartum athlete, if you’re pregnant, have been pregnant, know someone who is pregnant, know someone who has been pregnant, know someone thinking about getting pregnant, or just wanna know more…this episode is for you.

In this episode:

2:52 Meet Brianna Battles
12:30 Brianna’s fear with her second pregancy
12:59 Diastasis Recti
22:17 Addressing the mental and psychological component
23:26 Awareness for informed decision making
25:04 Moms and guilt
28:02 Pregnancy and crossfit and resources
33:03 Collaboration not competition
34:32 Get Brianna’s Coach’s Course:
36:25 If you have a body you’re an athlete and athleticism as a specture
39:35 Coaches are the first line of defense
40:40 Proper progression should be the norm
43:42 Giving athletes the permission to change
46:35 A few basic things to look out for during pregnancy and exericise
52:14 The slow path is the sustainable path
52:52 Eliminating expectations
56:12 Mindset and enjoying this chapter


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