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MOTM #038: The Art of Movement with HunterFitness

Monday, August 13th, 2018

The man, the mobility, the mustache. Yes, that's right, I convinced the unicorn of podcasts, HunterFitness (aka Hunter Cook), to come on the show and share his brain, and share did he ever. This is NOT an episode solely about FRC or stupid human tricks. This is an episode where you really get to know Hunter, really get to hear Hunter (I wasn't sure he could actually speak), and really get to feel the passion that he has for helping people not only move better, but live better. Special bonus content at the end of the episode where Hunter spills the beans about chopping the man bun but leaving a Mario ‘stache. It's all there waiting for you. Give it a listen. Your brain will thank you.


In this episode:

2:54 What does ‘movement’ mean to Hunter?
6:21 What’s in a diagnosis?
9:46 FAI
11:41 Changing mindsets and functionality
14:46 Past histories are overrated
17:01 Assessing the now
18:36 FRC and Hunter’s evolution
21:32 Young Hunter as a PT aide
23:04 Elevating the profession
24:13 FRC attendees and Hunter’s experience with FR
31:42 It’s not a zero-sum game
34:32 How Hunter got into mobiliy
42:01 Going to FRC will NOT make you move like Hunter
48:29 Sets and reps
52:54 Is it possible to prevent injury?
58:23 The ‘stache

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