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MOTM #046: The Path to Physical Enlightenment with D.J. Murakami

Monday, September 10th, 2018

Why do we train? Why do we work out? Why do we move? Why should we play? Jumped into a conversation about the bigger picture with DJ Murakami, and the ensuing discussion went down some rabbit holes ranging from neurological states during olympic lifting to masturbation. DJ is a guy who is anything but conventional and this episode is right in line with that. Join us for a discussion not about the nuances of biomechanics, but rather, about how movement can give meaning to life and provide us with a feeling so powerful, that we chase it for the rest of our lives.

In this episode:

2:42Meet DJ
4:32 The path to physical enlightenment
9:20 What DJs movement practice looks like right now
14:27 Flow
23:22 A switch in the nervous system
29:39 What does a sustainable movement practice look like
34:22 Right vs wrong ways to lift
40:08 Training with DJ
48:41 Can you prevent injury?
58:20 If you like someone you won’t as much of a problem with what they say
1:00:28 The Chimera Project
1:01:34 OMU




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