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MOTM #054: Change Your Strength and Change Your Life – Part II with Bud Jeffries

Monday, October 8th, 2018

Bud's back for part II, and he's bringing just as much fire! This time he's schooling us on fascia, progressive distance training (no, it has nothing to do with running), the science that is actually the art of training humans, and of course, how to empower the people you work with. Special call to action at the end, so please do me a solid and listen all the way through. It's for a great cause.

In this episode:

2:34 Massage therapy
5:42 Myofascial unwinding
9:27 Self myofascial unwinding
12:05 Self-awareness
15:38 Science
18:38 The importance of knowledge diversity and having a big bag of tools
20:24 The paralyzed diaphragm
27:29 Progressive Distance Training
32:06 Full range of motion
41:56 A way to work people into strength from a therapeutic standpoint

Contact Bud:

IG: @budjeffries


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