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MOTM #056: Dr. Carrie Pagliano – What Happens in Vegas…

Monday, October 15th, 2018

She started in home care, she worked in a hospital, she runs a cash-based pelvic floor physical therapy practice, and she’s now President of the Women’s Health Section of the APTA. What can’t this woman do?!? This week I bring on THE Dr. Carrie Pagliano, and trust me, you want to hear what she has to say.

We’re discussing what I like to call the new hybrid model, one in which the same person is equal parts mom, entrepreneur, physical therapist, AND section president. Why wear one hat when you can wear them all? We’ve got topics ranging from CrossFit to chronic pain, and just about everything in between. I’d tell you more, but I don’t want to ruin the surprise. Oh…and about that Vegas trip…

In this episode:

2:41 Meet Dr. Carrie Pagliano
4:25 What does it mean to be President of the Women’s Section of the APTA
8:22 Carrie’s beginning’s in Vegas
11:03 Carrie’s physical therapy work history
13:41 Carrie creates a residency
14:53 Something needs to change…dipping a toe in the cash-based model
22:43 The Danny Matta connection and Carrie’s FaceBook group PTmomPreneurs
26:38 The entrepreneur life
30:01 A typical day for Carrie
35:12 Having boundaries
38:21 Knowing your audience
40:40 Abundance mindset
41:50 Strength and conditioning and collaborating with other providers
47:28 CrossFit and common pelvic floor issues
48:54 Breath is the new black
53:45 Treating chronic pain

Contact Dr. Carrie Pagliano:

IG: @carriepagliano
twitter: cj_paglianopt
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